Whatever the size of your business, having a presence in international markets is a huge step toward long-term success.

A vital part of establishing a cross-border presence is understanding the business procedures and laws of the country in which you want to operate.

As a member of Geneva Group International (GGI) and Geneva Capital Group (GCG), Nolands offers you international access with local know-how in over 100 countries around the world. It’s a powerful competitive advantage.


Who is GGI/GCG?


Headquartered in Switzerland, GGI is a leading global alliance of independent, professional firms. They bring together a network of multinational, independent audit, accounting, law and consulting companies to handle financial, legal, and tax challenges.

Having the counsel of professionals within their own nations, not only puts you a step ahead of the competition; it also gives you exposure to the best commercial ties.

GCG meanwhile, advises and assists clients with partner searches, mergers and acquisitions, company sales and divestitures and strategic alliances.

Their multinational network and expertise across various sectors helps public enterprises, family-owned business and private equity firms effectively conclude transactions regardless of location or economic climate.

Captial Group

“Many apply to join GGI/GCG, but with a philosophy anchored in trust, independence, quality & communication, only companies with a track record of success, full integrity and professionalism are accepted as members.

Nolands is proud to be one of them & to be able to offer you all the advantages that come with being a part of this international network.”

The Bottom Line

Our membership of GGI/GCG means you will have access to global resources and country-specific knowledge when joining Nolands.

Other benefits include:

  • being part of a well-established international alliance, while still retaining your independence;

  • serving your clients better by offering them international resources with local know-how;

  • being able to share and access technical knowledge and best practice, as well as views, visions and experiences of professionals in various sectors around the world;

  • gaining from top quality new business referrals from other alliance members.

See what other partners say about GGI

GGI has introduced CREDAL to many extraordinary individuals who have built and manage successful independent and versatile firms. In an increasingly challenging global business environment, this culture of careful GGI selection and common member focus on personal attention has greatly enhanced our professional capacities. It has also been great fun meeting peers in locations such as Paris to Beijing within memorable events organised with great attention to detail.”

Dr. Robert D’Alessandro

Group CEO, CREDAL Advisory, Malta

“The quality of GGI members has ensured that our clients are well advised and looked after when they set up a business in a foreign country, invest there or simply relocate. Our membership of GGI has cemented our longstanding relationship with Nolands to a greater degree, a relationship we value highly.”

Alan Rajah

Partner, Lawrence Grant Chartered Accountants (UK)